Tune in Together

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Long ago

Just like the hearse you die to get in again

We are so far from you

Burning on

Just like the match you strike to incinerate

The lives of everyone you know

And what's the worst you take (worst you take)

From every heart you break (heart you break)

And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)

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Wow, My Chemical Romance's Helena is really cool! So I want to continue listening to the song while headbang. I really like their emotional and powerful music style. MCR totally rocks!
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OMG, I really like Helena! I also like how My Chemical Romance always manages to make emo anthems. Fun fact: They name this song based on the name of the storm that happened in their recording studio. So cool!
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Samantha Chandra
Hearing Helena from My Chemical Romance really gave me goosebumps. I never thought this old school song still felt so powerful until now. MCR is really cool!
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Caesar #1 sakuya izayoi simp's avatar
Caesar #1 sakuya izayoi simp
I love mcr
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Why are there so many bots diosmio
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a Girl put me behind the school, the naive one here found what it could be, she just wanted to show me the clip of this song kkkkk
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everything for me, I just remember my adolescence drinking cheap wine, listening to rock in the squares and my dark dark dark look accompanied by a very fixed fringe kkkk
_julianaSilva_S's avatar
An emo classic that I love kkk MCR is tuuuuuudo. Best time of my life was my teenage years and I loved listening to these mt melancholic bands kk, I rescued tnt good music from that time... I heard again most dnv kk 🖤
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alex bennell
emotional pop punk vibes got me feelin' some typa way.
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Marc Delgado
This song is a bit boring, it doesn't catch my attention. Something seems to be missing to make it more interesting
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Pérola de Moura
My Chemical Romance have aged as the best of fine wines, haven't they?
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Salvador Cervantes
No matter what is going on in my life, this song gives me the strength to continue.
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Pérola de Moura's avatar
Pérola de Moura
This track brought My chemical romance to worldwide fame, despite being one of their best known songs for me it is in the top 3 of their best songs no?? .
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This is a song ✨🎼🎸🤘🏼 that the ears thank 🎼🎸🤘🏼❤️
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prank em john
what a song
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the guitar sound in this song is one of the best.
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the video is great!!!
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Kiwami Aquatic
Remembering when I was in a band
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I love this total magical sound so much ❤
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Maycon Rodrigues
good music 👏👏 who lived this time kk
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