Tune in Together

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I was scared of dentists and the dark

I was scared of pretty girls

And starting conversations

Oh all my friends are turning green

You're the magician's assistant

In their dreams

Uh ooh ooh oooh

Uh ooh ooh and they come unstuck

Lady running down to the riptide

Taken away to the dark side

I wanna be your left hand man

I love you when you're singing

That song and

I got a lump in my throat because

You're gonna sing the words wrong

There's this movie that I think you'll like

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A L I N E✨⚡'s avatar
A L I N E✨⚡
this song gives a surreal feeling, in addition to not getting seasick ❤️
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brandonsivasubram's avatar
Listening to this song for me is a great blessing, 💕😍 have a good feeling and at the same time for me it makes me see that I can do much more, that I am capable of much more things to imagine, I feel very great in this song...good sensations...
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Leonardo Badaró's avatar
Leonardo Badaró
I love this song, it makes me feel like anything is possible.
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Reza Nugroho's avatar
Reza Nugroho
Nice song
BehindTheMusic's avatar
The song was inspired by a story Vance Joy had read about a friend's friend who had traveled overseas and had a romantic encounter that quickly fizzled out. #BehindtheMusic
GabrielLima1991's avatar
I used to listen to this message with my mlr amg before he moved to the fifths of hell, and before he went there he said that he will be by my side every time I listen (I care about myself but I'm happy because I 'feel' him)
Olívia de Moraes's avatar
Olívia de Moraes
I'm not sure about the lyrics, but the beat of this song is awesome #Riptide.
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gabiropech's avatar
my dad taught me how to play this song on guitar! my new guitar is coming from the United States and I didn't even know it was imported KKKKKK bro tô mtttt Felizzz
LucasMendes.83's avatar
one of the songs that inspires me and makes me want to do imaginable things, I love this singer very much 😻this song smp will be one of my favorites❤️
gomes_carol's avatar
I remembered my friends, When we ride a bike around it's so perfect, it brings all our vibes together and becomes a perfect harmony with them that you see brother 🛐✨
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "Riptide" by Vance Joy, what do you think of the lyrics of the song, do you like the way the melody goes with the guitar? If you don't have it on your playlist yet, you should definitely add it. Share your thoughts in the comments and join the #Discovery. 💬
JessicaOliveira_83's avatar
I really liked the vibe of the song, I felt so calm listening to it, it feels really good! And you, did you feel it too? #calm
Isabela_Rodrigues's avatar
This song brings me a vibee!!, reminds me of swimming in the rain, playing in the park, amgs true family, travel is much more!
Mason ye's avatar
Mason ye
Riptide takes me on a journey every time I listen to it. Wonderful lyrics... and Vance Joy's voice is just pure eargasm! 🙌🏼🎶
lawaynestavrinaki's avatar
what a desire to run away with your headphones listening to this song, run aimlessly around the whole world, feel the vibe of it, I would love to do it
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MariaSilva84's avatar
it gives me a great feeling! It reminds me of trips, trips I've had over the years. I imagine scenes of rain, laughter, skateboarding and fun... 4 things I love.
MariaSilvaBR_'s avatar
imagine the feeling of listening to this message lying down with your eyes closed in a place with pure air, trees far away from everyone with a long sunset🌤🍁🌻🌾
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Giovanna.Lima's avatar
PUTZ GRILA VEI, I've been listening to this msc since I was 10 and I didn't even know about the existence, agr because OF THIS MODINHA THE PEOPLE LISTEN TO EVERYTHING
Eduardo_silva_410's avatar
this vibe is so good, I want to listen to it to the fullest and walk around, watch the sunset, get up early until dawn <3
TiagoSantosZL_928's avatar
This song is so good! Behind such good and calm feelings. Imagine yourself sitting, in a place like a "forest," on the edge of a lake with your feet in fresh water, watching the sunrise hand in hand and the side of the person you love! Is there anything better?
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