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Que eu não ia rebolar minha bunda hoje né

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Movimento da sanfoninha (Ao vivo)

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This song is not simply a song. She is a national heritage, she plays every party, she never goes out of style and everyone knows and whoever likes her is crazy. #faleitoleve
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard the song "Movimento da Sanfoninha (Live)" by Anitta yet? Do you like its accordion rhythm? Tell us your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery.
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TikTok Music
Hey, have you heard the song "Alfoninha Movement (Live)" by #Anitta? What did you think of the mix of magnetic beats with the accordion sound? What's your favorite lyric? Add your opinion in the comments #DecobrindoMúsica 🎧💬
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like it here for god's sake 😩
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People I am poor KKKKKKKK like my comment there for me to win the deal for free 🤡
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Did you see Anitta at the Met Gala???? How sensational, it rocked and it was little!! My dream is to get at least the dirt on Anitta's big toe. It's going well now kkkkkk
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Bia Britto
I remembered when I was dancing, I was 12 years old kkk it was the best funk now I'm 23 and it's still like I'm 12
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Cléia Santos
this one is never in the past
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Willians Henriique
I love this
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bad train is this
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the part where she says "on the floor" actually says gurguel, where anitta was born, and the one who sings is her niece.
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Meire De Paula
sweeps beautiful
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"You thought I wasn't going to roll my ass hj right?" This is something that has never crossed my mind when people hang out with me because everyone knows that I ALWAYS give at least one roll kkkkkk
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conhecimento é poder
Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go
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Rosa Amazônica
Aaaah how I love this song
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Roll over that ass! kk
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He's going to see you
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Go down Go down
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