Tune in Together

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Junior maffia

Nine fo

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace

Allow me to lace these lyrical

Douches in your bushe

Who rock grooves and

Make moves with all the mommies

The back of the club sippin

Moet is where you'll find me

The back of the club mackin

H**s my crew's behind me

Mad question askin

Blunt passin music blastin

But I just can't quit

Because one of these honies

Biggie gots ta creep with

Sleep with keep the ep

A secret why not

Why blow up my spot

Cause we both got hot

Now check it I got more

Mack than craig and in the bed

Believe me sweetie I got

Enough to feed the needy

No need to be greedy I

Got mad friends with benz's

C-notes by the layers

True f**kin' players

Jump in the rover and come over

Tell your friends jump in the gs three

I got the chronic by the tree 'cause

Throw your hands in the

Air if you's a true player

To the honies gettin' money

Playin' niggas like dummies

Ya got a gun up in your waist

Please don't shoot up the place

Cause I see some ladies tonight

That should be havin' my baby baby

Straight up honey really I'm askin

Most of these niggas think

They be mackin but they be actin

Who they attractin' with that line

What's your name what's your sign

Soon as he buy that wine

I just creep up from behind

And ask what your interests are

Who you be with

Things to make you smile

What numbers to dial

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Catarina da Camara
Just for the beginning of the song it is worth listening to, this is Rap. 💪🏻💪🏻
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Biggie's smooth flow and catchy beat make for a classic hip hop jam. Listening to it is like cruising in a Cadillac with the top down. 🎶🚘
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steve’s keyboard
This song is an absolute classic! 💯💖 I remember dancing to it at my first school dance with my crush. It brings back so many memories of innocence and young love. 😍 The smooth beat and Biggie's mellow flow make it irresistible.
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Big Poppa has got the groove that makes me feel alive 🕺🏾🔥 Love the beat and Biggie's smooth flow 👌🏽 #ClassicHipHop
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Have you ever wondered who the afro-sporting baby is on the cover of this album? His name is Keithroy Yearwood, and he only made $150 for the two-hour shoot as a kid. #BehindtheMusic
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Did you know that the inspiration between the song and its title is that it's actually based on one of The Notorious B.I.G.'s many nicknames! Long live the GOAT💯 #BehindtheMusic
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