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Come on

Um you can

Don't stop


I'm all big benz and scoops and I'm with trucks

H**s don't really like me

I'm just something to f**k

What it's gonna take to make cash slow up

What I got to go back picking four folds up

Leaving the scene for teams that'll make them throw up

I'm the reason the witness don't ever show up

You wanna be safe from ace get it safe for mate

Leave a judge of the jury wanna take this kick

In your mouth you don't know the rage I'm in

Matter fact you don't know I'm mad you made my men

I got niggas at your mom's house say they m

And after they do with you they gonna play your men

You was ass way back then should've laid you then

Grab a n**a out the building trade this ten

Put athe bullet in his chest gotta change his win

And don't care about the pain he's in

I'm no killer but you can make me one

I'm no thug but you can make me one

I'm no hustler but you can make me one

I'm no gangster so don't make me one

I'm no thug but you can make me one

I'm no thug but you can make me one

No hustler but you can make me walk

I'm no gang shit so don't make me walk

What would ever ever ever make a n**a

Try me would you think some tangy bow maze

I see what it take for blood to clog niggas

R v for cast and sit back and be wiping

Now why you and get high

You with a light skin

n**a that get found sky blue even

All summer long you've been ducking pop

Rule a half you all n**a just scared to buy blue

And makes your rival

Makes his libel

But blake

Butbeside you the tape and tie you and r**e behind you

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