Tune in Together

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Después de tanto quererte

Golpeas mi alma y te vas

Como si fuera un juguete

Que ayer logro entretenerte

Y hoy te cansaste de usar

Después de algún largo tiempo

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Te Quise una Vez

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Raul Calimam's avatar
Raul Calimam
What a stimulating track. The melody is vibrant and the lyrics are like a call to action. The instrumentation is energetic, it fills you with an unstoppable force that pushes you forward.
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Caio Barros's avatar
Caio Barros
The singer's voice in this song is pure emotion. It fills you with energy and makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. It's a song that lifts your spirits instantly.
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Pedro Miguel Campagnaro's avatar
Pedro Miguel Campagnaro
I love the vibe of this song. Its fresh sound and positive energy are perfect for any moment of the day. A real bout of joy!
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Jordi Lara's avatar
Jordi Lara
This song is perfect. The melody is comforting and the lyrics connect with my story. The instrumentation is warm, it makes you feel loved and understood #tequiseunvez
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Melinda de Mattos
The lyrics in this song always make me reflect on the importance of friendship and gratitude in life.
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Ana Cecília de Medeiros's avatar
Ana Cecília de Medeiros
Does anyone else have this song on repeat? I just can't get enough of it. Every time I listen to it, I discover new details that make me fall even more in love with its magic. It's as if each playback is a completely new and exciting experience.
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