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'Cucha esto

Para qué darte una rosa

Para qué darte mil besos

Pa' qué darte tantas cosas

Si tú no valoras eso

Para qué tenerte cerca

Si ahora te siento tan lejos

Puede que yo sea bueno

Pero no nací pendejo

Dejo dejo de pensarte

Dejo de extrañarte hoy

Si tú cruza' la puerta

Detrá' de ti yo no voy

Qué bien que te vas

Qué bueno que te fuiste

Prefiero estar solo

Que contigo y triste

Qué bien que te vas

Qué bueno que te fuiste

Déjame contarte que un favor me hiciste

Pensándolo bien

Te quiero te quiero te quiero te quiero te quiero

Pero bien lejos

Pero bien lejos

Pero te quiero te quiero te quiero te quiero y te quiero

Pero bien lejos

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Te Quiero

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Maria dolores Macias's avatar
Maria dolores Macias
This song is like a whisper to the soul. Its deep and emotional lyrics go straight to your heart and make you feel a unique connection to the music #TeQuiero.
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Juan Francisco Trejo's avatar
Juan Francisco Trejo
This song fascinates me! The lyrics are super interesting and the rhythm is mega fun 😆 I have recommended them to all my friends 💯 #music #love
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TikTok Music Latin
How do you rate the lyrics to "I love you #Maluma? Do you think the lyrics reflect the intensity of love or is it just another song of the urban genre? Leave us your opinion in the comments and grow the #Discovery community! 🌟
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Mariana S.A
It's an excellent song, exitasoooo by maluma to close the year.
Chloe de Miranda's avatar
Chloe de Miranda
What a good energy he has !
Ivan Herrera's avatar
Ivan Herrera
a very powerful voice
Davi Lucca Barreto's avatar
Davi Lucca Barreto
How well this song sounds when you are exercising
Elaine Da Silva Sant's avatar
Elaine Da Silva Sant
delight of music 😻
hingridyfonseca's avatar
as Matthew and Kauan said.... Could have Maluma, actually cry and drink kkkkkkkk
Pedro Lucas Calliman's avatar
Pedro Lucas Calliman
I can only say that I love you, it's a very cool rolita, the lyrics touch your heart, I would definitely listen to them all night long.
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