Tune in Together

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Solo pido que me traten con respeto

Eso es algo que les voy a agradecer

Tengan claro, lo que das, eso recibes

No me busquen o se van a sorprender

Ahora dicen que soy mal agradecido

Solamente quiero hacer las cosas bien

Desde plebe me tocó ser aguerrido

Y bendito sea mi Dios que sigo al 100

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Lucia Zavala
What a great theme song from The Ghost, talking about and how it has been progressing little by little, a fresh band song that often just talks about cars and women. #LapuraVerdad
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Cynthia Gutierrez
Like when you arrive at your friend's house who is super alternative and all his roomies have their hair painted. #ElCirco 😂😂
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Lívia Cosme
"Humiliarity is not something I brag about.".. Those boys who walk dizzy on top of two bricks fall, always first and foremost.
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Ivan Herrera
The song is not so cool, it has no joke or catchy rhythm, the truth is that it left me wanting to hear something else.
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