Tune in Together

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Cheguei embrazado lá do baile

Dessa vez eu não peguei ninguém

Eu tava suave de marola

Aí do nada ouvi a voz de alguém

Era a malandra da minha vizinha

Brotou lá em casa só pra dar bom dia

Era a danada da minha vizinha

Brotou lá em casa só pra me dar bom dia

Vou pegar minha vizinha

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People the lyrics of this song are very good kkk without conditions, it's very funny pqp I can't stand it!!!! Lyrics to millions, too addictive #cool #lovethissong
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My neighbor saw Matheus Kriwat playing this song for his neighbor and believe me, your ugly boy. He keeps copying Matheus.
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Bro, I was listening to this here and out of nowhere my mother enters the room with a pineapple on her head thinking it was hidden, only Jesus himself 🤦‍♀️ world
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hand what music bo
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that Vizinho chorus sticks too much, I can't stop humming. The dance is engaging and the lyrics fun, makes me want to dance to the floor. I loved the partnership of DENNIS and MC Kevin or Chris, I hope more songs come together.
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remembers street parties with friends, he was always playing. The enveloping lyrics and the striking chorus stuck to his head. I love the dance and the energy it transmits
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I didn't like Vizinho very much. I think the dance is very and the lyrics are not very interesting. It ends up being a bit unforgettable song for me
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bro, this neighbor of Dennis and Kevin and Chris is so crazy! The dance is heavy and the chorus sticks to his head, there's no way to stand still. The atmosphere is and it makes you want to call everyone to dance together. I'm already addicted to this song, animal!
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What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song "Neighbor"? Do you think the musical elements combine well with the lyrics of the song? Share your opinion with the hashtag #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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too brave. they are the guys who play funk to another level. have to respect
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I sang this song to my neighbor and we're dating now 👁️👄👁️
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I love this song my god
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as fanfic da max
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