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Que sejas meu universo

Não quero dar-te só um pouco do meu tempo

Não quero dar-te um dia apenas da semana

Que sejas meu universo

Não quero dar-te as palavras como gotas

Quero que saia um dilúvio de bençãos da minha boca

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PG is a great example for everything he has gone through, I believe that God has helped him to speak and touch people through his praises, it is worth listening and feeling each one of them #PG #gospel #louvor
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I didn't know the PG's work! What an amazing artist, really good! It's worth checking out all his work!
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God doesn't want our best, he wants to be our everything, EVERYTHING! May he be your first thought before making decisions. May he be your universe. Oh what a beautiful song he inspires me so much, brings me good feelings and a willingness to sing and smile.
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Maria Moraes
this song conveys peace 🙏🥰
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Pox now I went back there what good music took me to heaven
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This praise brings back good memories of when I worked in a church and always played this song, I miss the times with the people there.
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Speaking of the PG is an example of overcoming, that when you want to change everything we can have as a UNIVERSE (our self) the abode of our Father. As for music, there's no way not to infect me with a Peace that makes me breathe differently. I love PG for simplifying this love for our F.❤
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Every sentence of My Universe makes me cry I'm excited by this song #fe
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que a sua luz brilho intenso possa nos iluminar e brilho pra nossas vidas..que o universo seja repleto de boas energias positivas pra todos nós... louvor lindo 😍 que cada um possa sentir sua presença ao ouvir esse louvor... preciso de vc senhor... estamos em tuas mãos #amor#
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we remember this song in childhood ❤ my mother always used to listen on Saturday when she went to clean the house 😅 I miss you
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TikTok Music
What is your opinion about the instrumentation mix in "Meu" from the PG? Did the lyrics or the melody conquer you the most? Tell us in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 🎶
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hello glory, what a wonderful praise
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Fernanda Santos5500
music of my baptism! ❤️🙏🏼✨
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Júnior Prado279
Be my universe Lord Jesus, within this very fruitful moment that I have lived.. 😞💔
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os 2
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Pastor Isaías Silva
The universe is a symbol of the greatness and power of our God... May He always be a priority in our lives..
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Jo Cristina Rosa
I love this praise, I remember when I was choreographing in church with this song 🙏🏻🥰
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Neomar de Souza Sant
then yes it's good music
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