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Que cosas tiene la vida

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Alzo Mi Voz (feat. Tercer Cielo)

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Laís de Chaves
I am by how this song can transport me to distant places and times gone by just by closing my eyes and letting myself be carried away by the music.
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Murilo Amorim
This song is pure fire, I love it! The lyrics are super real and the rhythm makes you dance. I already played them to all my friends
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TikTok Music Latin
Do you already have "Alzo Mi Voz" on your Christian music playlist of Tito "El Bambino," third heaven? What's your favorite part of the song? Share your opinion in comments and discover more music with #Discovery! 💬
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Álvaro Mendez
What an emotional song to connect with my feelings!
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Valentim Bianche
I am by how it makes me feel like I am floating in space.
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Ryan Braga
I love how it can evoke memories of special moments in my life.
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Liam Caliman
The rhythm is so immersive that it always makes me want more.
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Jaime Bautista
has that something that makes it special, I can't stop listening to it!
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sometimes life brings us many challenges 😥
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Diego Juarez
The song is cool, but I'm not a fan of third heaven.
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