Tune in Together

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Me envolviste despacio en tus tiernas redes

Y me amaste en la forma que solo tu sabes

Me atrapaste en tu embrujo de mujer ardiente

Con tu mirada fria y tu cuerpo caliente

Como un niño indefenso cai entre tus brazos

Y dejandolo todo sedi a tus encantos

Permiti que mi orgullo rodara en el suelo

Y bebi de tu nectar de miel y veneno

Te amo soy tuyo mujer extraña

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Mujer Araña

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Juan José Ramos
This song is like a spell that captures me from the first measure and transports me to a place where time stops and worries disappear.
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Maria soledad Leal
I really liked this song, the truth is that it has something to do with it. The lyrics are very nice, and the rhythm turns you on from the first note. I already passed it to my friends, because I know they will love it.
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Mirella de Augustinho
I really like this rolita. The flow is really cool and the lyrics are super on. I already played it to the whole band and they are working with her. #CumbiaForever
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Alice Carcalho
I love this song, you bastard! The lyrics are great and the rhythm is really cool. I love this song, I recommended it to the whole ball.
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