Tune in Together

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De repente llegaste a mi vida

Inocente y me enamore tal vez

Por tu forma de ser

Por tus ojos de miel

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Eres un Sueño

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Giovanna de Assis's avatar
Giovanna de Assis
When you go on the bus and the driver puts these rolls, you get the feeling.
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Eugenio Pérez's avatar
Eugenio Pérez
The lyrics of #Lostemerarios are unique, they are really one of the few who make poetry with their lyrics, currently they are still in force for a reason.
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Paul Dominguez's avatar
Paul Dominguez
He put me in a good mood !
Júlia Conceicao's avatar
Júlia Conceicao
It puts me in a good mood!
Ana Júlia de Abreu's avatar
Ana Júlia de Abreu
The lyrics are very emotional, they touched my heart.
Ivan Herrera's avatar
Ivan Herrera
Good rolita, but not my style
Martina Castellanos's avatar
Martina Castellanos
This song hits my heart
Emanuel Barcelos's avatar
Emanuel Barcelos
lifts my spirits on a bad day
Carlos Bastida's avatar
Carlos Bastida
I loved that song, it made me dance!
María Isabel Gallegos's avatar
María Isabel Gallegos
inspires and motivates me
Josué Camargo's avatar
Josué Camargo
It lacks sparkle, but it lets itself be heard
Emma Galindo's avatar
Emma Galindo
Makes me feel nostalgic
Andrea Soto's avatar
Andrea Soto
I got stuck to , I can't stop reprDucirla
Soff Navarro's avatar
Soff Navarro
For a quiet afternoon, sounds great
Francisco Bravo's avatar
Francisco Bravo
I love it, I put it on repeat all afternoon.
Isabella Cerqueira's avatar
Isabella Cerqueira
I love this melody, it definitely goes with my mood.
Jose Maria Ortiz's avatar
Jose Maria Ortiz
It makes me feel like I'm at a live concert #eresunsueño.
Gabriel Marínez's avatar
Gabriel Marínez
I love how the lyrics can be so powerful and meaningful.
Gloria Guerra's avatar
Gloria Guerra
That rhythm makes me feel good
enriquehernande6513's avatar
very good song
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