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El perfume de su almohada

Tu lo conoces bien

Y la humedad de sus sabanas blancas tambien

Que suerte la tuya que puedes tenerlo a tus pies

Sintiendo en tu boca sus besos que saben a miel

Mirando como le hablas de amor el tiempo no se detiene

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Quién Como Tú

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Ana Lívia de Mello's avatar
Ana Lívia de Mello
I like how this song has very poetic and beautiful lyrics, it is a very emotional song.
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Xavier Valenzuela's avatar
Xavier Valenzuela
I love this rolita, I never get bored listening to her. The lyrics are on point and the rhythm makes me dance until I get tired of it.
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TikTok Music Latin
"Who Like You" by #AnaGabriel is a romantic ballad that talks about the pain of having lost someone special and the regret of not finding anyone who can replace him. The lyrics express the sadness of not being able to forget that person and not finding comfort in other loves. #Facts
Nathan Borges's avatar
Nathan Borges
is ideal for those days when I need a reminder of the good things in life.
Juan Francisco Trejo's avatar
Juan Francisco Trejo
it's sticky, I love it!
Iker Miranda's avatar
Iker Miranda
has an intense and passionate vibe, perfect for an intimate and romantic environment.
Raúl Ruíz's avatar
Raúl Ruíz
I love her!
Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
I can't imagine my life without it, it's essential!
Benjamin Almeida's avatar
Benjamin Almeida
is a constant source of musical joy
Vicente Brito's avatar
Vicente Brito
It makes me feel that I can face any challenge that comes with optimism and energy.
Juan José Ramos's avatar
Juan José Ramos
takes me to a place of peace and quiet
Caleb Bandeira's avatar
Caleb Bandeira
it relaxes me a lot
Jose Miguel Leon's avatar
Jose Miguel Leon
I love how music can make us feel connected to each other, even if we have never met the person who is singing it.
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TikTok Music Latin
3 #FunFacts about Who Like You: It was written by composer José María Napoleón and popularized by Ana Gabriel in 1987. The lyrics were inspired by the absence of a special person in the composer's life and the melody in traditional Mexican music. The song became a hit in both Mexico and Latin America.
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TikTok Music Latin
Ana Gabriel's "Quir Como Tú" was written by Mexican composer José María Napoleón dedicated to his wife who left him. Ana Gabriel recorded it and it became one of his biggest hits. The song talks about a lost love and how complicated it is to overcome that loss. #Story
Eduardo Barroso's avatar
Eduardo Barroso
Who like you knows how to put me in a romantic mood, this song is my musical crush right now! 😍🎶
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music of yesterday, today and always
Carlos Gomez's avatar
Carlos Gomez
Wow, who like you is a song that goes straight to the heart, I love listening to it on rainy and melancholy days. 🎶💔
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