Tune in Together

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Yo qué sé dónde está el amor

En algún asteroide, en un elevador

En un rincón en internet

En el monte Himalaya o en algún café

En el norte o en el sur

Llegará por mí, puede ser

Yo qué sé dónde está el amor

En alguna caja fuerte en el congelador

Tumbao' en un sillón

Tal vez en un poema o en cualquier canción

En la sombra o en la luz

Llegará por ti, puede ser

Cómo adivinar dónde esté

Shabadabada, shabadabada

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María Jesús Vasquez
What a thrill this song provokes in me! Its intensity and passion completely envelop me, taking me to a place where only music exists and me
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Agustin Valdez
I love this song, the lyrics are great and the rhythm is really on! I already recommended it to my friends and they are just as hooked as I am.
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "Shabadabada" by #OV7 yet, what did you think of the combination of pop and cumbia in the instrumentation, would you dare to listen to more music from the band? Tell us in the comments and discover more musical gems at #Discovery. 💬
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la grax
I danced to that song in my elementary school on mother's day.
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Rosario Bernal
It's a great song to sing in the car
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Jacqueline Ortiz
It's a song that reassures me
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Maria Flor de Moraes
Reminds me of my childhood
Laura Casagrande's avatar
Laura Casagrande
I just can't resist this song
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