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Alright it's rolling

I'm sorry, I was having too much fun

Well sometimes I go out by myself

And I look across the water

And I think of all the things, what you're doing

And in my head I paint a picture

Cause since I've come on home

Well my body's been a mess

And I miss your ginger hair

And the way you like to dress

Won't you come on over

Stop making a fool out of me

Why don't you come on over, Valerie

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Valerie (feat. Amy Winehouse) (Version Revisited)

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I didn't know I needed R&B until I heard Valerie. Now I can't stop grooving to this soulful masterpiece.
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TikTok Music Australia
Mark Ronson's "Valerie (feat. Amy Winehouse) (Version Revisited)" is a refreshing take on The Zutons' original version, with Winehouse's soulful vocals perfectly complementing the upbeat retro sound and driving horns. The song became a commercial success, topping charts in various countries and garnering critical acclaim, becoming a beloved staple in both Winehouse's and Ronson's discographies.#TikTokMusicReviews
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TikTok Music Australia
"Valerie (Version Revisited) by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse is an upbeat cover of The Zutons' original song. It was released in 2007 and quickly became a hit thanks to Winehouse's soulful vocals and Ronson's production. The song was originally intended to be a B-side, but its success inspired it to be included on Winehouse's posthumous album. #BehindtheMusic"
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So soothing
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Pure joy! 🎧
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Julia Owens
a vibeee
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Beautiful tune
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Loving every note
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Amazing vibes
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Pure bliss! ❤️
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Totally hooked! 🎤
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Deep vibes
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i loveeee
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💔😢 Valerie always reminded me of my ex who had a love for jazz music. Listening to this version revisited with Amy's powerful voice brought back a flood of emotions. Perfect tribute to an unforgettable talent.
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Julia Owens
Valerie is pure 🔥! Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse are a match made in music heaven 🎶. #classicsneverdie
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This song is actually a cover of the 2006 song by The Zutons! Amy Winehouse covered the track for Mark Ronson and his 2007 album of covers called 'Version'. Such an incredibly iconic cover #BehindtheMusic
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Did you know that the producer of this track, Mark Ronson, revealed that prior to recording the cover with Amy Winehouse, he didn't actually know the tune all that well! #BehindtheMusic
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