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Ven pa' acá nena

Tráeme tus huesos

En la vida conocí

Mujer igual a la flaca

Coral negro de La Habana

Tremendísima mulata

100 libras de piel y huesos

40 kilos de salsa

Y en la cara dos soles

Que sin palabras hablan

Que sin palabras hablan

La flaca duerme de día

Dice que así el hambre engaña

Y cuando cae la noche

Baja a bailar a la tasca

Y bailar y bailar y tomar y tomar

Una cerveza tras otra

Pero ella nunca engorda

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La Flaca (feat. Juanes)

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Cristian Suárez
I love this song, the lyrics are cool and the rhythm makes you dance non-stop I always play it when I'm with my friends, we all love it!
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already added "La Flaca" by Santana, Juanes to your playlist? What did you think of the collaboration between the two Colombian artists? Share your opinion in the comments and let's discover new songs together with the #Discovery 💬
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Made in Tabasco 🇲🇽
Santana is not Mexican, he is Mexican.
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Alicia Barrios
The girl makes me feel the party in my body, I can't resist moving and singing at the top of my lungs when I hear her, it's pure Latin rhythm! 🎉🎶💃
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