Tune in Together

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Os planos que foram embora

O sonho que se perdeu

O que era festa e agora

É luto do que já morreu

Não podes pensar que este é teu fim

Não é o que Deus planejou

Levante-se do chão erga um clamor

Restitui eu quero de volta o que é meu

Sara-me e põe Teu azeite em minha dor

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the happiness we have seems to restore our faith But the Bible also does this because it makes it clear that God is there. #forgiveness
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It was time when my dog saw a cat passing by in the street and started barking like crazy as I tried to hear this recording.🐶
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you like Davi Sacer and Ton Carfi? What do you think of the song "Restitute (Live)"? What is your favorite lyric? Have you ever recorded on a playlist? Or does this song transport you to some past experience? 🎧 Share your opinion in the comments! #Discovering
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God is so good to me! Thank you my God for everything! This song makes me feel gratitude for everything God has given me in life...
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Jean Carlos Ribeiro
Glories to God 🙏🏼
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Luiz Gonzaga
i love this praise i liked this partnership ton Carfi and david sa ❤️
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Gusttavo Diniz
Amem 🙏🏻
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Bryan Isaac
amem 🙏
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i believe ame
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hallelujah amem
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in my teens, I heard groups of young people singing this praise, what a sdds!!!
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