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Text message I don't know the number

Flexin' on these niggas every bone and muscle

Steady taking shots but I'm never hurting nothing

Even then you don't worry none

And I'd like to give a shoutout to my niggas with the game plan

And shoutout to my niggas with escape plans

Twenty bands rain dance

We can keep the rain check or we can make plans

Pockets loaded rocket loaded okay lets rock and roll this

Time to go lock stock and two smoking barrels

Locked and loaded diamonds glowing chart-climbing on 'em

You think I'm jumping out the window how I got 'em open

Line around the corner line 'em up to block it over

Times I even stop the smoking when it's time to focus

My shades Dior my pants velour

Create explore expand conquer

I came I saw I came I saw

I praise the Lord then break the law

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Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (feat. Skepta)

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"Praise The Lord (Da Shine)" is a collaborative masterpiece by A$AP Rocky and Skepta, two notable hip-hop artists known for pushing boundaries in their music. The song's infectious beat and dynamic lyrics showcase the artists' creative prowess, while their respective styles blend seamlessly to deliver an unforgettable listening experience. #BehindtheMusic
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"Praise The Lord (Da Shine)" was released in May 2018 as the third single from A$AP Rocky's album "Testing". It features British rapper Skepta, who brings a unique perspective to the song with his British accent. The track was produced by London-based producer Skepta and features a sample from a Nigerian gospel song. "Praise The Lord (Da Shine)" reached the top 20 in numerous countries and remains a fan favorite. #BehindtheMusic
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Love the heavy bass and infectious beat on this collab between A$AP Rocky and Skepta. The standout production is matched by sharp verses from both MCs. 🔥🎶
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Now this is what true cultural exchange sounds like 🙌🏽. The beat knocks and Rocky's flow is silky smooth, while Skepta adds a UK touch that makes the track fire 🔥. A new era of hip-hop is taking over, and I'm here for it.
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Y'all seriously need to listen to this banger 🔥 Praise The Lord vibes are unmatched, Skepta and Rocky go hard 🎉 #hiphop
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