Tune in Together

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Por ela choro por amor, choro sem amor

Paro com a fumaça, tiro o grave do meu som

Corto no meia dois, isso muito me comove

Mas desligo os cara preta e fico só nos 69

Já é seu esse coraçãozinho vagabundo

Por ela dou meu carro, com as vinte e quatro e tudo

Pra quem cresceu no mundo onde o dinheiro é Deus

Não há nada mais valioso do que o que é seu

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Um Grave Romance

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vanessa_rodrigues's avatar
I amd in the synthesizers...that's good use of the effects...this sound is from another level
Vanessa.Pereira's avatar
da Periferia should be considered one of the best groups in the scene. There's music for any moment, just good music. #music
AlineBarbosa_'s avatar
this msc q is the grave that confuses the retina, slc...let me put the helmet on that one is stoned
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artursilva63408's avatar
this song still recalls many love oaths from various Loka lives
Giovanna.Lima's avatar
I find it brilliant how the Outlying Tribe make their songs, they always manage to leave their fingerprints in their sound and always surprising. Who agrees comments! #brabos
BeatrizCruz_C's avatar
Man, I was listening to this song and I started dancing in the middle of the street without realizing it! I only noticed when everyone looked at me kkkk
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "Um Grave Romance"? Do you think she stands out in the national rap scene? Tell us in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica!
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da is very good !! the songs with this recording only they have, a lot of satisfaction to put this one to play in the car and see everything tremendous !! #tribe
ademirmonteirovas's avatar
very good
Diego Rodrigues's avatar
Diego Rodrigues
This one remembers stories 😅😎🔥
IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
I discredit the seriousness of this message...better warn the neighbors it's not an earthquake kkkk
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