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He seemed impressed by the way you came in

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Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
The lyrics are like a poem that you recite in silence, letting the words resonate in your mind and in your heart, like a prayer that connects you with the divine.
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Vicente Contreras
How pleasant it is to find this song. The melody is refreshing and the lyrics are like a ray of light in the dark. The instrumentation is brilliant, it's one of those songs that make you forget your worries.
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Vitor Bruneli
The lyrics of this song are so intimate and sincere that it seems that the artist is sharing his personal experience with the listener. I really appreciate that honesty in art.
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Maria Valentina de Gouvea
What a nice surprise to find this song. The combination of instruments and vocals creates such a magical and magical atmosphere that it makes you feel like you're in a dream. Plus, the lyrics have such a powerful message that fills you with hope and makes you believe in the power of #Reptilia music.
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Luan Brunelli
The singer's voice in this song has an emotional and touching timbre that wraps you in a warm embrace, comforting you and giving you strength to move forward.
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TikTok Music Latin
On March 9, 2004, The Strokes' song Reptilia was released as the second single from their album "Room On Fire." The song received positive reviews and became one of the band's biggest hits. #Fact
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Enrico Battisti
Like a breath of fresh air. The revitalizing melody and lyrics totally vibrate my way. The stimulating instrumentation fills you with positive energy.
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TikTok Music Australia
"Reptilia" by The Strokes is a fast-paced, guitar-driven track from their second album, "Room on Fire." The song was released as a single in 2004 and quickly became a fan favorite. The lyrics are vague but suggest a sense of frustration and longing. The iconic guitar riff was composed by both guitarists, Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi. #BehindtheMusic
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "Reptilia" by #TheStrokes was composed by Albert Hammond Jr. It stands out for its cryptic lyrics and garage rock style. The melody uses guitar and drum riffs with a fast and vigorous rhythm. The instrumentation includes electric guitars, bass and drums. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
What other artists do you like besides The Strokes #Discovery.
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Claudia Resendiz
Reptilia is a song that never fails to put me in a rocker mood, the guitar is the best and the lyrics are mega catchy.
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Aldo Sanchez Lucio
classic, childhood
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a PRISICO of the 2000s ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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where i met good music 💖💕
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Emi Salinas
"Reptilia" features an iconic guitar riff that has been recognized as one of the best of the 2000s. #Facts #Rolón
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