Tune in Together

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On top of the world

Yeah world this is the remix remix

Pretty boy baby

Can't why really i'm out of there

Extending out of there

Imagine how that they know to supplies

Sabrican waste there's some love wind in the cage

Down down i put out the end

I'm pulling through your hands up

You know that we got my love for them

And for the thought

We for having bad

We for young reason about ten little type

Become t go was good and bless everything

No look on zero

People have me mad

People love me that

But then they look like all but me no

Get up and start as momentum'

She tell me she give me stop and shine

But the secret it goes on me

No purple better tell me

Whenever i'm gonna make a boat to pay

No shame

They don't think we can be that if they push

Calling me out to the company up and no record

Gotta tell you to my levels right through the window

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