Tune in Together

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Yeah' we did it again

And this time I'mma make you scream

USHER Yeah' man

I see you over there' so hypnotic

Thinking 'bout what I do to that body

I get you like ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby' ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby

Got no drink in my hand

But I'm wasted

Getting drunk of the thought of you naked

I get you like ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby' ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby

And I ain't trying to fight it' to fight it

But you're so magnetic' magnetic

Got one life' just live it' just live it

Now relax' sing it on your back

If you wanna scream' yeah

Let me know and I'll take you there

Get you going like ah-ooh

Baby baby ooh baby baby

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"Scream" is a club-banger by Usher, released as the second single from his album "Looking 4 Myself." The song boasts catchy rhythms and high-pitched choruses - the hallmark of a Usher hit. The track hit the top 10 in several countries and has been certified Platinum in the US. #BehindtheMusic
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heart beating faster y'all, USHER got me screaming
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Danilo Oliveira
Simplesmente Toooop 🤪🎧
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curto muito!!!
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Luiz André Novais
QUE NOSTALGIA BOA 🤩 Visite o meu perfil e escute os melhores sucessos do ano de 2012 na playlist Best Hits of 2012.
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Luiz André Novais
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Luiz André Novais
Escutava muito na Jovem Pan FM! 🤩
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Andreas (力言)
Essa música é perfeita e nostálgica, incrível como ela passa a mesma vibe eletrizante de antes, mesmo fazendo tempo que não ouvia ela 💖🛐
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This song was released as the follow up to Usher's other hit single "Climax". Usher actually revealed to MTV that this track was intended to serve and represent the other side of the albun #BehindtheMusic
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Usher was inspired to create a tune that was a little bit more artistic and a little bit more soulful than he had released before. This track definitely exceeded Usher's expectations and I am sure all of ours! 🔥 #BehindtheMusic
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