Tune in Together

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Já memorizei o seu corpo todo

Para o caso da gente não se ver de novo

Doa a quem doer, essa é a verdade

Entre nos dois não cabe saudade

Pra você sou só mais uma carona

No final de uma balada

Me envolvi sabendo

Somos dois estranhos numa cama temporária

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Bye Bye

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Marília Mendonça only sings truths, one slap in the face after another. Unfaithful man does not change. Whoever cheats one, cheat them all. You don't think?
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How I miss my ex, he made me so happy! I just heard her singing...passes all his memories in my head: (#sad #saudade
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Marília will always be the queen of suffering. With an unmistakable voice and a unique talent. She is eternal, she will always be remembered for her wonderful songs #saudade #talent all her songs was reference for us women🚺
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✨Tah Sato✨
beautiful Marília Mendonça ❤️
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I don't know, I have an emptiness in here... every time I think, or hear a song of yours I cry, my chest comes to the most pain🥺
Guilherme.Silveira's avatar
I really cry every time I listen to any music from our queen, but it's not from, it's because of the memories she left of good times, it's very incredible, pride of the woman she was, it's the f**king woman she's being there!ly Marília Mendonça❤🤧
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Marília Mendonça is wonderful and sings very well I am very sad without thinking about what happened to her.#saudades
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What a trigger this music causes me! The loud sound and ones in the head is too dangerous, em? hahaha disk relapse.
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I was listening to this song and I started dancing. Only after a few minutes did I realize there was a window open and everyone outside saw me paying for my money.
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The instrumentation is composed of guitar, bass, drums, guitar, keyboard and accordion. The lyrics talk about the end of a relationship and the melody has an infectious rhythm that animates the audience. #MaríliaMendonça #al Review
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What are your favorite songs by Marília Mendonça? Look for artists like Simone & Simaria, Maiara & Maraisa and Yasmin Santos to discover more! #Discovering
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TikTok Music
Marília Mendonça is a Brazilian singer and songwriter, known as the queen of suffering. She released her debut album in 2015, achieving great success with the tracks "Infiel" and "Sentimento Louco." #Curiosity
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I've already memorized your whole body 😏
Helena❤️🌵's avatar
so sad 😢
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Samara Fagundes🤪
it hurts too much to hear your bye bye even Marília😭🖤 unbelievable 🖤🖤
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I can't stand it 🥺😭😭💔
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a dream of mine was gone 🥺😭to go to her show 😭😭😭😭😭
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meu nome é lay tenho 14 anos
oi people
meu nome é lay tenho 14 anos's avatar
meu nome é lay tenho 14 anos
very good
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I had the honor of listening to this song here on my island SÃO LUÍS, we are devastated by your departure queen, it will hurt too much, listen to your bay bay Marília 😞💔
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