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Te pedí

Con mi fuerza al universo

Te escribí en un par de versos

Que mandé volando al cielo

Te pedí

Te soñé

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Te Esperaba

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Antonio Solalinde
I love how the music in this song has that sense of hope and optimism, it's like the future is bright.
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Joaquim Alvez
What a rolón! This song has everything: cool lyrics, catchy rhythm and I have already recommended it to my friends!
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already added "Te Esperaba" by #CarlosRivera to your playlist? What do you think of the lyrics and instrumentation of the song? Share your opinion in comments and discover new music with #Discovery!
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Domingo Rangel
Very good rolita to put in the cart
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Jose Ignacio Salas
I love the chorus and the lyrics are very emotional. I recommend them!
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Santiago Salazar
I love how it conveys that sense of sadness and sadness that we've all felt at one time or another.
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perfect 😍
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similar vocal timbre of Alexandre Pires only I noticed? 😍💓🤩🤩
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