Tune in Together

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Here we are at the apex of the dilemma

And to think this little gadget

Which you all dreamed of having as a child

Is now causing so much grief

It's like getting that one and only

Childhood gift you always wanted

The eternal get gotten

But now that it's yours

You have to pretend you don't want

It anywhere near you

You have to fool

Your friends and loved

Ones into thinking you don't really like it

You have to fool yourself

Into thinking you actually care about something else

Something more profound

Now think of those childhood hikes

With friends on the trails

Now download those maps for offline use

And make sure your children can

Following the exact footsteps you did as a child

Is your treehouse now on air bnb

If it gets five stars

Will it forever recoil in an adequacy

Knowing that it will never be a boutique

Childhood memory again

But i digress

So here's your truth

There is neither apex nor abyss

Wade listen

Did you hear that

That was the sound of a distant universe collapsing

A new one forming

And a child laughing

We are here but for the tiniest spec of time

Live in eternal forgiveness

Be okay with every thought pert no one

Stare at your phone whenever you like

Just ahead

Around the corner of time there is another rion

And another and always more children laughing

Nothing can compete with the first time you saw her

Passing strangers on the street

Spending every moment looking at their phones

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