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Eu, eu não posso esperar, linda, preciso te ver

Te amar, te sentir, Branca, eu amo você

Não há, não há, não há

Como ela não há, não há, não há

Eu prometo lhe dar o que você quiser

Faz assim, sou teu homem e tu é minha mulher

Vem cá, vem cá, vem cá

Minha branca, não vá, não vá, não vá

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Vem Cá

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Who are you thinking about when you hear this one? What are you feeling while listening? I'm exploding from wanting to send it to @ #cachorrinhas
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my boyfriend has already sung this song to me twice. he thinks of me when he listens to her, and dedicates it to me. it makes me so happy. 💜
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"It took me a while to find someone like you, who knew how to talk, knew how to understand me so staying close to me.".. guy imagines he can dedicate that part of the music to someone 🥴🤧💓
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this meche with mek
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Arthur 100% calvo
i love this msc
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"it took me a while to find someone like you who knew how to talk who knew how to understand me" in those hours I wanted a girlfriend so much to dedicate this music 😢
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one day he left me this one! I always remember his little eyes shining, alef I'm so sorry for our end, I loved you, I still love you!!🤍
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I love these songs for lovers too much. This guy's voice is amazing too, I didn't know it, feel free to send me other hits from him.
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manoo, this song is perfect dms!! I feel so good about her, I don't know... if I was in a relationship I would dedicate her to the person🥹
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Pelé didn't just make music, he made art.. I love this song because it was dedicated to me by someone very important, and I started to love this music because of that. I appreciate this song too much, and it always motivates me and greatly improves my mood. #humorastral
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hj I'm going to ask my best friend to date and I'm going to sing this song to him and I'm listening I woke up at 6 just so I don't make a mistake, after that I'm going to dedicate saturno for her to accept.
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this song reminds me of my ex that i liked mt, luckily it didn't work out because of some jokes from him but it also reminds me of my current love❤
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I remember that I would put this song in the box and I would sing alone loudly 😪 or else I would make a video with my photo and my baby...❤
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q coup oq mermão I still want to listen to this esss msc in front of the sea talking about how much I love you and kissing your lips "stay here next to me this love will never end..."
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I started listening to Belchior because of AmarElo, from Emicida...I thought his messages were fantastic...I really like this one in particular...Too bad I didn't know before
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this song brings such a face, I remember the day my boy dedicated it to me when he asked me in court, too bad we didn't work out.. Finally, this music reminds me of several memories 😔
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TikTok Music Brasil
#PeléMilFlows is a Brazilian rapper, who became best known for releasing the song "Vemcá," and for attracting the attention of singer Marília Mendonça. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
#PeléMilFlows presents his song "Vem Cá" with a trap dance and a mixture of Brazilian rhythms. The lyrics bring an invitation to love and seduction. The melody has an engaging and dancing atmosphere. No information was found about the instrumentation of the song. #Editorial Review
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this bro is very top , reminds me of a very good time , . my boyfriend told her to me the day he asked me to date 🥺❤️
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"demorei pra encontrar alguém como vc q soube conversa q soube me entender" essa vai pra vc mãe 😸 te amo mãe dsclp ser um pouco n ser q nem vc queria mas o nosso amor eq nem o sol nunca vai ter fim 🔚 sempre vou estar aq msm sabendo q vc n mas vms aproveita a vida te amo 😸💍
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