Tune in Together

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Devia ter amado mais

Ter chorado mais

Ter visto o sol nascer

Devia ter arriscado mais

E até errado mais

Ter feito o que eu queria fazer

Queria ter aceitado

As pessoas como elas são

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Don't leave anything for later, do everything you want. Life is like good music, you travel deep and don't realize that the end is coming soon.
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I remember it as if it were yesterday the graduation of the little party, Christmas atmosphere, everyone singing. Oh, I miss you:' (
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Titans is a band that marked my parents' time and every time they hear this song they say they remember good times from their adolescence.
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I hope that when I go I'll go with no regrets about what I've done in my short life, I want to go without needing to say I wanted to have... But I wish I had woken up earlier and enjoyed the sun, the sea and the pool more.
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I hope that when I'm close to going I don't have any hidden will and things I haven't done or not many. I hope to go happy and grateful for everything I've done! 🙏🏻
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite #Titans song? Do you think "Epitaph" is one of those must-see songs? What do you think of the sweetness of their song lyrics? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and join #Discovering 💬
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We often stop doing what should be done out of vanity, pride, and none of that should be more important than love. Live and don't get hung up on feelings that prevent you from being happy and living.
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it music and sad...but in my life it's a reality...and hurt a lot...Yes...I'm not proud of it... ready !..needed to vent!..I'm already grateful if you understand!
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Man, I was enjoying this song and ended up pushing the coffee in my lap, I woke up faster than having an alarm clock shake!
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moment..missing things we did when we were kids,, not caring about bills, up early, tomorrow maybe it will be so quiet
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As many obstacles as life puts in your way, I won't stop fighting, because you know the best is coming!
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Do Meu Brasil 💿
Around the time Titãs released this song, Marcelo Fromer died in an accident. Although it seems, the song was not made for him, it was a huge coincidence, it was already ready a few months before the event, but it ended up like a... Epitaph is a phrase we put on the tombstone of the cemetery, saying a phrase in memory of the deceased.... #behindthemusic
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👏👏very good
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This song is perfect, I love the Titans and their songs so much!❤️🙌
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Maria Clara
Perfection in a song
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This song is too amazing 😻😻😻😻😃💖💖💖😻😃
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Mayara Marília
Give time to sort everything out, don't discredit
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#capricornioemresso master ❤️
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Luiz André Novais
Spectacular music!
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