Tune in Together

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Hoy que no estas aquí

Que difícil es

Sin ti, tengo miedo

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Enamorado de Ti

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Sara Franco
Today that you are not here, how difficult it is. Without you, I am afraid. You are my star, my great illusion. You are the woman I love. You know well that I live in love with you #EnamoradoDeTi #LosTemerarios
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Pietro Assumpção
I love the flow and the rhythms they use. It's really cool!
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Carlos Gomez
It's one of those that make you move your little body non-stop.
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Ruben Castro
I love her deep lyrics and Ana Gabriel's unique voice that makes it even better. My new musical addiction!
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Marc Delgado
I love how he evokes that pain for someone who loves him but doesn't suit you.
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Daniel Avelar
There is no better way to connect with yourself than through music.
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Jose Martinez
A letter that makes me feel identified. Unforgettable!
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