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Foi embora ontem era meia noite

Meteu o pé, deixou o vinho na metade

'Ta vacilando em deixar minha cama vazia

'Ta abrindo concorrência pra cidade

Se pra você deixei de ser

Tão importante, não me olha mais como antes

Eu que devo ser culpado e não você

Que via amor onde era só prazer

Eu sei que o tempo vai passar

Bocas vão rolar

Mas do jeito que seu santo é forte ninguém vai me amar

Eu vou voltar atrás só pra matar a vontade

Ficar sem você dói mais

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Santo Forte (Ao Vivo) (feat. Luan Santana)

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I really like Luan Santana he is a wonderful singer and this song is very good the calm soft tone relaxes me when I'm nervous.#I liked it
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I had never noticed that pagoda and R&B are practically the same musical style, it only changes that one has a tambourine and the other does not. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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This pagoda is a mix of pagoda, with sertanejo and pop eh! But far from me thinking it's bad, I like the three styles hahaaha Luan's voice is very versatile #arrasou!
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I didn't know the music, but I really liked the mix of voices. Dilsinho and Luan Santana did very well together in this one. Addictive!
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It's too much! It sticks to your head all day long. The partnership between Dilsinho and Luan Santana is incredible, it makes you want to listen a thousand times. The rhythm is lively and the voices complement each other perfectly. I already want to see it live!
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transports me to happy moments I spent with friends and family. I love the happy and dancing vibe, and the partnership between Dilsinho and Luan Santana is incredible! I feel like dancing every time I hear
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I couldn't connect with Santo Forte (Live). The collaboration with Luan Santana is not strong enough, there was no impact on the chorus
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how many musical styles in the same song? And what musical style doesn't go well in Luan's voice? Questions what my brain does when I lie down to sleep kkkk
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I was listening to this song and out of nowhere I started singing the lyrics wrong, my mother looked at me like what are you doing? k
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man, a delight! There's no way to stand still when he plays Santo Forte! Dilsinho's partnership with Luan Santana was great and dance is super engaging. I loved the positive energy it transmits. I'm going out dancing to the floor!
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hand...You think it's R&B...then the pagoda starts...when you're there just in your shoes, it becomes EDM...that's what musical versatility is!
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Maria Izabel67953
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Maria Izabel67953
I love too much
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Maria Izabel67953
Wonderful perfect beautiful
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