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I feel like I've been locked up tight

For a century of lonely nights

Waiting for someone to release me

You're lickin' your lips

And blowing kisses my way

But that don't mean

I'm gonna give it away

Baby baby baby

Baby baby baby

Ooh my body's sayin' let's go

Ooh but my heart is sayin' no

If you wanna be with me

Baby there's a price to pay

I'm a genie in a bottle

You gotta rub me the right way

If you wanna be with me

I can make your wish come true

You gotta make a big impression

Gotta like what you do

I'm a genie in a bottle baby

Gotta rub me the right way honey

I'm a genie in a bottle baby

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Genie In a Bottle

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"Genie In a Bottle" was Christina Aguilera's debut single and shot her to stardom in 1999. The song was written by Christina along with David Frank and Steve Kipner. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned Christina a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. #BehindtheMusic
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"Genie In a Bottle" was the debut single from Christina Aguilera's self-titled first album. It was a massive hit, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and staying there for five consecutive weeks. The song's sexy lyrics and catchy melody catapulted Aguilera to superstardom and set the stage for her long and successful career. #BehindtheMusic
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Laura Laura
Christina Aguilera's iconic hit 'Genie In a Bottle' showcases her pristine vocals and impeccable range. I love the upbeat pop and R&B fusion that makes it an evergreen favorite for generations. 🎶💃
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So catchy 🎶🕺 Love dancing to this song! #ChristinaAguilera
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iconic MTV videoclip song.
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Genie In a Bottle is such a classic! It takes me back to my teenage days, wishing for love to magically appear. 🔮❤️ This song brings back so many memories of a summer love that never was.
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Bianca Fernandes
This song is beautiful!
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was part of my adolescence,😍
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top too 😍❣️
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Anderson Lúcio
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this woman crawls too much listening to this song is really good she is and it just crawls too much and amazing besides she is very beautiful
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Diego Henrique
The first time I heard it decades ago, I liked the face of this music.❤️
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Perfect ❤️👏👏
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Tatyana de Souza
top🥰👍people don't like me here anymore 😃🤩🤩
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of the time
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Hearing this song reminds me of when my dad gave me my first walkman if I like music that I owe my dad.
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