Tune in Together

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Otra vez ya de regreso

Aquí me encuentro de nuevo

Las cosas mucho han cambiado

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El Regreso del Chapito Lomas

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Yan Boldrini
His voice is like a ray of light that guides you in the dark and gives you hope in moments of despair. It is warm, comforting, and makes you feel safe in the midst of darkness #ElRegresodelChapitoLomas
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Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva's avatar
Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva
This song is an oasis of in the midst of the chaos of the outside world. Its enveloping melody and evocative lyrics create a paradise where I can marvel and find peace within myself.
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Pietra de Morais's avatar
Pietra de Morais
The atmosphere surrounding this theme is like a comforting hug in difficult moments. Its melody and hopeful lyrics are like a balm to the soul, reminding us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
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Miriam Felix
What a great rhythm, I'm encouraged
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Enrique Vargas
It is simply a marvel, with no more and no less
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Nuria Palacios
this music relaxes me a lot!
Pietro Assumpção's avatar
Pietro Assumpção
is a pleasure for the senses!
Francisco Bernardi's avatar
Francisco Bernardi
irresistible, it makes me want to dance all night long!
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Theodoro Boldrin
the magic of is indescribable, it captivates me!
João Gabriel Bernardes's avatar
João Gabriel Bernardes
reminds me of good times in my life
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Vicente Brito
I love the sound of the acoustic guitar
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Daniela Hidago
The atmosphere it creates... This song is like a wave of that surrounds me, gives me inner peace and a sense of positivism. With its relaxing rhythm and hopeful lyrics, it seems to transport me to a place where anything is possible.
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Emma Galindo
I love this song, it's really cool with its flow and the catchy chorus. I love this song I passed it on to my friends, let's see who learns it first!
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albert Zuñiga
each musical note seems to have a unique meaning and purpose
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