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En las calles aprendí que hay que moverse bien

Porque si te mueves lento, te pueden comer

Pero también cargo la escuela del JP

Me la paso relajado y eso lo hago bien

Un cigarrito en la mano pa pensar qué hacer

Metiendo goles macizo, al cien con el cartel

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Bajo Perfil

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Have you already listened to "Bajo Perfil" by Tito Torbellino Jr and Tony Aguirre? Do you think the instrumentation of the song is right for the regional Mexican genre? Tell us your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery.
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Esther De Angeli
It's a song that makes you sing and dance non-stop. Impossible not to fall in love with it! 😍
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Valentim Bianche
I love how it makes you move your body. It's a hit!
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Eduardo Barroso
It makes me feel happy and always puts me in a good mood. one of my favorite songs at the moment!
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Jorge Enriquez
It makes me vibrate on every note! Sticky rhythm and lyrics that touch the soul
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Sebastián Flores
The low profile song is really cool, it really turned me on from the first time I heard it, the beat is really good and the lyrics make you feel really cool, I'm definitely going to play it on repeat all day long.
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