Tune in Together

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Tudo o que eu quero é um país sem medo

De corrigir seus erros, de crescer e de sonhar

Somos índios, brancos, amarelos, negros

Somos um gigante pronto pra despertar

Tô querendo mesmo, um país seguro

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This song has so many important artists for Brazilian music and talks so much about unity, it is the new Brazilian darling! #br #quality
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What music neededaaa!! Many sensational singers participating and wonderful lyrics, the idea of this song "A Nossa Voz" was too much, I really liked it. Did you also think it was necessary? #PlayNoMeuVinil
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I thought it was really cool because there are singers in this song of different types of songs and even with this musical difference, in the end this song was very nice to hear and it seems that one fit the other
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a song that I never
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