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The boy is mine

The boy is mine

The boy is mine

The boy is mine' the boy is mine

Excuse me can I please talk to you for a minute

Uh uh' sure you know' you look kinda familiar

Yeah' you do too

But umm I just wanted to know do you know somebody named

You' you know his name

Oh yeah definitely I know his name

I just wanted to let you know that he's mine

Uh no no' he's mine

You need to give it up

Had about enough

It's not hard to see

The boy is mine

I'm sorry that you

Seem to be confused

He belongs to me

The boy is mine

I think it's time we got this straight

Let's sit and talk face to face

There is no way you could mistake

Him for your man' are you insane

You see I know that you may be

Just a bit jealous of me

But you're blind if you can't see

That his love is all in me

You see I tried to hesitate

I didn't wanna say what he told me

He said without me' he couldn't make

It trough the day' ain't that a shame

Well' maybe you misunderstood

Cuz I can't see how he could

Wanna change something that's so good

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The Boy Is Mine

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When your sibling claims the last slice of pizza and you start singing 'The Boy Is Mine' to assert dominance. Thanks Brandy and Monica for the lesson. #SiblingRivalry #PizzaWars #90sClassics
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ava shirley
Brandy and Monicas voices blend so well together, its like magic! #harmony #TheBoyIsMine
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I remember singing this with my bestie back in the 90s, good old memories! #throwback #TheBoyIsMine
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television rivalry: 🚫😠😤😰😬 this song: 😌😏😳😖😲😈
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that was the golden age of R&B, not that nowadays it's bad, but that at that time, the songs had a different style, calmer, more sung, it was beautiful #podeficarcomele
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The lyrics and the story behind it are so relatable, I think weve all been in that situation before! #girlpower #TheBoyIsMine
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This song was a letter marked on the dvd's my mother bought for me at the fair. Brandy and Monica rocked the ground in this #R&B song
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People 😱 You know when you really liked a song but you don't remember who it was singing or the name of the song. It's exactly that song, I listened and watched the clip on MTV and I loved that song and I can't believe it.
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Man, I was listening to this here and laughing a lot, then my dad came and said I had mental diarrhea I almost died laughing!
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great for listening to while getting ready
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perfect for a weekend getaway
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can't help but feel happy listening to it
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can't resist tapping my foot
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"The Boy Is Mine" is a classic R&B song about two women fighting over a man. Brandy and Monica's vocal performances complement each other perfectly, adding to the drama of the lyrics. The song held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for thirteen weeks and won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. #BehindtheMusic
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damn, time to fight over another boy#girlpower
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makes me wanna dance like crazy
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perfect for a chill hangout with friends
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Isaac Álvares
the rolas that my mom used to play when I was a kid, thanks to her I love good music #rolón
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