Tune in Together

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He tenido en mi vida

Muchos amores

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Manuela Castro
It is a reflection of a man who knows he has done wrong with his partners and today he is paying for his loneliness for it. Today what is his name?
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Maria Helena de Oliveira
#Los Temerarios are one of my favorite bands in life, their music is perfect!
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Cauã Batista
The style as a rancher always looks great, I have no one to dedicate it to, but I love it.
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Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva
Song that fills you with energy!
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Bella de Ayrosa
The lyrics of this song are like a sigh in eternity.
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Pedro Ruiz
I love this song because it's super and makes you feel alive. Viva Junior H!
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Augusto Bernadini
I love how soft and romantic she is. I love her!
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Manuel Garcia
I can't resist singing along with this melody.
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Álvaro Mendez
#Lostmerarios I love them, the lyrics are super deep and full of message, the rhythm is unbeatable, besides having people following them.
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