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Marmelada de banana

Bananada de goiaba

Goiabada de marmelo

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Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo (Ao Vivo - Bonus Track)

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A song that marked a generation of children and teenagers who woke up early to watch Pipa-pau's site and see the cuca kkkk #nostalgia
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face... speechless... I lived my childhood watching the yellow woodpecker site... there was one time that i got a book from the school library at pica pau the book was the size of 2 notebooks kkkkk
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I miss being a child again, watch drawing until today with Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, it made me miss you, this song is from the heart.🥰🥰🥰
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Heloiza Cabral
I love
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good times
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AAAAAAAAA WHAT A NOSTALGIAAAAAAA I went every time on YouTube, watched a bro episode, and loved listening to the opening...this is the drawing that marked my childhood so much, that I stopped watching in the 3rd year because I loved it so much..good fucking time
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Pq man I just wanted to go back in time that this was the song of the time, man... It had no rivalry, we were all happy and we didn't know... my biggest concern was who was going to arrive last 🥺🥺
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I remembered when I was going to my grandmother's house, and then I ran home just to watch the pica pau
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Another unlocked memory, I loved this song too much. It made you want to go back in time and remember the old days, childhood in the old days is not like today's, and it never will be because childhood in the old days was the best. ❤❤❤
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Worse than my father traveled Damion my friend came to spend here at home with my mother me and 2 children brought his costume Emilia, me? I freaked out! I left Emilia and my mother fixed my dress and breasts made of cloth for the Dandan. Biggest success did my mother talking Two crazy people
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What a good character this song brought me, I remember when I sat in front of the TV and spent the day watching pica pau, I miss those moments
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Man I miss you when I used to play at my grandmother's house, so I would shower really quickly, just for me watching the yellow woodpecker site at the time was my favorite cartoon...
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The cuckoo was my favorite, it still is! the boy jail.... I woke up 7:00 am to see the episode! I didn't miss one if I wanted to, I had everything from them, clothes, toys, food, plates... i was a fan for the place of pica pau, by the way my 12th party will be theirs
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mano i didn't live tv Globinho but it would have been really cool with ctz, but that doesn't stop me from having seen pica pau. See TD day KAKAKAKA
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sensational! The dance is addictive and the lyrics are super deep I always get excited when I listen, I feel connected
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This song is a total vibe! It's impossible not to feel happy when I heard I remember when he played at the graduation party and everyone sang along with us! 🎉
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I now felt like I was at 6 am, Saturday, 8-year-old me, sitting on the couch, with a blanket, watching the yellow pickaxe... continues
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Roberto Lopes
only those who remember this song had a childhood
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and the visitors arrived here at home and playing Sí do Pica pau kkkkkkk
🅲𝚑𝑜🄿𝚙𝑒🆁's avatar
good times😬
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