Tune in Together

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Mente que vai dar uma volta e vem me ver

Entre uma briga e outra de vocês

Eu nem conheço ela, mas me sinto culpada

Primeiro, que eu nem devia 'tá aqui

Segundo, 'cê não tinha que ligar pra mim

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Marília Mendonça only sings truths, one slap in the face after another. Unfaithful man does not change. Whoever cheats one, cheat them all. Don't you think?
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"Lie and go for a walk and come see me," this verse makes it clear that Marília must have a feeling of doubt in her head, as he is an unfaithful man. #queensofrencia #eternamarilia
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GustavoVieira_'s avatar
Vish Marília is the queen of suffering even 🥲, even without even dating I have an ex I already suffer kkkk #souromantico
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I just cry when I get into these situations, the guy keeps saying he likes me but doesn't let the other one, and every time I fall for his chat, I let the need speak louder... #don't want more!
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I miss you so much...this great singer...passed by and gave her message and left...it is up to (we) to perpetuate the legacy she left. with a lot of love and joy..come on???
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Caraca! I was listening to this song here and I started dancing like crazy. Suddenly, my mother entered the room and Mico saw me in total!
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Good to know, Marília was from my city I remember when I found her in my condominium and took some pictures, she was so nice...
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation in "Well Worse Than Me (Live)"? Have you noticed any highlights for any specific instrument? Share your perspective with us and help discover more about this amazing song! 🎤 #Discovering
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After this song, I just wanted to get in my car and go straight to a bar, drown the sorrows. But like this gas price, the way is to stay at home haha
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kkk with this song I already created a new dance for tiktok but I am ashamed to dance
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rest in peace our queen of suffering 😭😭
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Always greetings from our little star Marília Mendonça
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Kleytyane Sodré
Literally, really, way worse than me.....
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Kleytyane Sodré
Exclusive in person and singer! leaves an irreversible legacy in our way of living and being. #marliaatefindaromundo
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Marília asa 😭😭😭
g_y_b ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖤🖤's avatar
g_y_b ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🖤🖤
One day we'll mess with her. I'm not crediting her yet 😔😭😭😭
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Thiago josias
oi marila
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