Tune in Together

Te Esperaba (En Vivo) (Sessions Recorded at Abbey Road)'s poster image

Te pedí con mi fuerza al universo

Te escribí en un par de versos que mandé volando al cielo

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Te Esperaba (En Vivo) (Sessions Recorded at Abbey Road)

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Ernesto Fernández
Each note of this song resounds with an intensity that fills you with emotion. It is a musical experience that is felt in the soul.
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Ayla Coutinho
His voice is simply mesmerizing. It has a unique magnetism that captures you and makes you want to hear more and more.
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TikTok Music Latin
What is your favorite Carlos Rivera song and why would you recommend it to someone else? #Discovery
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Luan Brunelli
real letter
Domingo Rangel's avatar
Domingo Rangel
Feeling of happiness when listening
Juan Manuel De la cruz's avatar
Juan Manuel De la cruz
rhythm that makes you feel in harmony with the universe
Nuria Palacios's avatar
Nuria Palacios
makes me believe in myself
Guilherme Antunes's avatar
Guilherme Antunes
positive vibe that spreads
albert Zuñiga's avatar
albert Zuñiga
It's like a lighthouse that guides my boat in the middle of the storm.
Ana Beatriz de Freitas's avatar
Ana Beatriz de Freitas
is so touching that it thrills me
Apollo Buzatto's avatar
Apollo Buzatto
My oasis of happiness
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Ramon Velazquez
I love the lyrics, the rhythm and how it makes you want to dance. It's a bomb!
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