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Antes de eu falar

Tu cantavas sobre mim

Tu tens sido tão, tão bom pra mim

Antes de eu respirar

Sopraste Tua vida em mim

Tu tens sido tão, tão bom pra mim

Oh, impressionante, infinito

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Ousado Amor

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I heard this music for the first time in a cult, in that same cult I accepted Jesus, and every time I hear it I remember not to scream. Is it difficult? yes, but Jesus is always with you. Remember everything he's been doing for you! I hope this song passes the message to you 💭❤#jesusmesalvou
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FelipeCosta_1984's avatar
this praise is very good!!! I feel the presence of God when I dare him, just perfect!!! Ob:Jesus loves you very much ♥️
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GustavoCarvalho_2006's avatar
I love this serious anthem!! The music is so beautiful, the lyrics, the voice everything!! This song I learned from my aunt who isal, I remember when I was at her work and she introduced me to this song for me. ❤️🙏🏻
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paty baby
very libdo glory to god
Renata Rodrigues🥰's avatar
Renata Rodrigues🥰
beautiful praise 😍 glory to God 🙏
Isabella_Oliveira_o's avatar
impressive and infinite is the Great Love of God for us, that is, unconditional Love, to which I do not deserve this sublime Love. Thank you Father!🙌❤
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rodrigommmartins's avatar
I feel in a dark place when I carve out this praise. But I see Jesus in this place as the source of light. Even being far away I feel him close. Me making different i him enduring my faults all wrong i him saying i will get it right. What love is this Jesus
Carolina_Santos's avatar
This music with the earphone even gives me something different in my head and you feel so powerful, a person who will be able to deal with life's difficulties. 😍😊
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Giovanna_Lopes_L's avatar
how wonderful you are in our lives! He loves us in the way we are, full of defects and mistakes, but he is a God who forgives, who loves us and who shows the way... I love this God!! He live in us!!!!!!!
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ThiagoAlves_98's avatar
how wonderful this praise is, for God has been so good. Jesus fulfilled by teaching us and left us a lesson to follow, and we are at the end of the centuries because Jesus will return and I will be waiting with open arms. 🙌🙏
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At my uncle's wedding he played this song and I remember many getting excited, I was tiny so I didn't understand very well but it was a song that made a mark.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Isaias Saad is a gospel singer known for his magical and engaging interpretations of religious songs. He has released several hit songs, including "Para Que Entre o Rei" and "Ousado Amor." Saad has a powerful voice that is able to convey a lot of emotion in his live performances. #Curiosity.
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song #IsaiasSaad "Ousado Amor" has a simple and engaging instrumentation, with emphasis on acoustic guitar and guitars. The lyrics express devotion and dedication to the love of God, with an infectious melody and striking chorus. #alReview
GustavoVieira_'s avatar
God's love plays everything and everyone, once I played this song and my dog was close by, he was all cute waving his ass and looking at the television #puppies
camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
I hear this praise whenever I am feeling far from the Love of God....he always finds me in this praise.....infinite love of god
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GiovannaMello81's avatar
what a wonderful msc! the lyrics touch deep in my heart and move me...a great lesson...when I feel like complaining, I try to pay attention to the things I should be grateful for: family, health, a roof over my head...
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i identify with this d+ song and cry when i hear alone ❤❤❤❤
AnaLuizaCosta's avatar
this hymn has become my favorite ❤️ when I listen to it I even feel something different
TikTok Music Brasil's avatar
TikTok Music Brasil
What other songs would you suggest for someone who likes Isaias Saad? #Discovering
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IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
This song speaks very rightly about God's great love and care for us!!! Glory, honor, power, majesty, praise and all gratitude be to Him!!!
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