Tune in Together

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Me hablas, preguntas

Si nos podemos ver después

Razones me sobran

Pero aunque quiera, no lo sé

Siempre hay algo más

Que a simple vista no se ve

Será que hay algo más

Que a simple vista no

Te asusta la idea

De lo que pueda suceder

Decirte quisiera

Algo que te haga sentir bien

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Algo Está Cambiando

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TikTok Music Latin
Julieta Venegas' "Algo Está Cambiando" was included in her third album "Sí" with which she won her first Latin Grammy for "Best Vocal Rock Album." #Fact
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Flor Acosta
Something is changing, it's a song with a lot of energy that makes you feel as if you were living the moment, the rhythm is catchy and the lyrics touch your heart, I love it!
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Emi Salinas
🎈🕊 "Something is changing" is a hopeful song about personal transformation and growth. #Facts #Rolón 🥺
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Tiktok Ers87
I didn't even remember that this song existed
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Martina Castellanos
gives me relaxed vibes, I like it.
Ana Júlia de Abreu's avatar
Ana Júlia de Abreu
it's a bop seriously, i can't stop dancing
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Isabella Cerqueira
I love this theme, I have put it on repeat!
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Jessica Flores
What a great song! I love the rhythm
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Andres Rojas
The prediction might be better, but the lyrics are sticky.
Maria Flor de Moraes's avatar
Maria Flor de Moraes
Okay, but nothing exceptional
Cecília Chaves's avatar
Cecília Chaves
Great, sounds soft and nice
Fernando Hernández's avatar
Fernando Hernández
I love this rolita, I'll give her a thousand more listens.
Ana Sophia de Oliveira's avatar
Ana Sophia de Oliveira
I love it, I can't get it out of my head!
Laura Casagrande's avatar
Laura Casagrande
I love the rhythm, I'm going to loop it!
Alice Carcalho's avatar
Alice Carcalho
The lyrics are very catchy but the rhythm is not so much.
Fatima Reyna's avatar
Fatima Reyna
I really like the rhythm and the lyrics, I will add them to my reprDuction list.
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Thomas Bastos
There you go, he hit me hard!
Sebastian Pacheco's avatar
Sebastian Pacheco
This theme is a rolón, I love it.
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Alejandra Angeles
It is good for relaxing in the afternoon
Arturo Fernández's avatar
Arturo Fernández
I was pleasantly surprised, I will repeat it
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