Tune in Together

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Se quebró la calma

Y el silencio en ruido se volvió

Quedaron desnudos

Nuestra imagen y nuestro dolor

Se mezclaba el cielo

Junto con la calle y el rencor

Nos llenó de miedo

Dónde fue el amor

Dime si el dolor despierta el alma

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Teresa Sánchez's avatar
Teresa Sánchez
What incredible energy this song conveys! It fills me with good vibes. It's as if the song is a magnet that attracts all the good vibes of the universe and concentrates them in one place: my heart. It's just great!
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María Rosa Murillo's avatar
María Rosa Murillo
I love this song, the lyrics turn on and the rhythm makes you move your body non-stop. I already recommended it to all my crew and they were all delighted. It will always be my favorite.
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Alícia da Silva's avatar
Alícia da Silva
This song fascinates me a lot, the lyrics are really cool and it makes me feel very happy. Besides, the rhythm is super on and it makes me want to dance all day long. I have shared it with my friends and they love it as much as I do. It's the total vibe!
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Juan Perez's avatar
Juan Perez
One of my favorites without a doubt
Heitor Amaral's avatar
Heitor Amaral
I just can't get enough of this song
Vicente Brito's avatar
Vicente Brito
Undoubtedly a modern classic that will never go out of style
Jorge Castillo's avatar
Jorge Castillo
passion expressed in every note. Proud of my roots!
Ramon Velazquez's avatar
Ramon Velazquez
Music has an energy that lifts your spirits.
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