Tune in Together

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Yo seré el viento que va

Navegaré por tu oscuridad

Tú, rocío, beso frío

Que me quemará

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Amante Bandido

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María Mercedes Zarate
This rolita is pure neta, it brings a super cool vibe and the lyrics are super on!!!! I already passed the recommendation to all my friends
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TikTok Music Latin
"Amante Bandido" by #MiguelBose has a pop rock production. Instruments such as electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion are remarkable. The lyrics are about a toxic and passionate love. The melody has a catchy chorus and an ABA song structure. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
Amante Bandido, released in 1984, became one of Miguel Bose's biggest hits, reaching number one in the Spanish, Italian and Mexican charts. Interestingly, the song was initially rejected by several labels because they thought its sound was too experimental for the Latin market. #Fact
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Liam Caliman
Bandit lover sounds soft and intense at the same time. The lyrics are very cool and the rhythm stays in your mind for hours.👌🎶😎
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Antonio Ramses Berrones
my apa loves this song and my super mom loves it.
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