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Bem na minha vez

De viver aquilo tudo que eu sonhei

Bem na hora que eu estava prestes a chegar

Na linha de chegada para conquistar

Bem na minha vez

Só Deus sabe quantas vezes eu busquei

Mas vi outra pessoa conquistar o que eu pedi

Aquilo que eu achava que era para mim

Perguntei para Deus

Por que o Senhor não quer me ouvir?

Me frustrei, eu chorei

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Minha Vez

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God forgives your sins when you regret because he is merciful and loves us all. #amem
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I thought I'd never listen to a gospel song in an MC's voice until I heard this one. haha MC Livinho sent it very well, and what a beautiful voice he has and together with Ton and both of them they rocked too much!
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That was all I needed to hear today. I will reflect and trust You because more and more the Lord shows me that you are taking care of everything. #Astralation
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amem 🙏🏻
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When my father got sick, he wanted to revolt with God and it was with this music I understood, that "All the coica , cooperate for the well of those the Amam"
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I remember when I heard this song for the first time, in the heaviest moment of my life!!! A message from heaven, my life was going downhill... I cried rivers, but I'm here trying one more time!!! 🙌🏻
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When I thought it was a job for me, the other day I heard this song I cried a lot and got up, still To in the fight, To trying
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And true yes. what and ours is already prepared by God, do not think that the blessing that another person received was yours, no, if it has not reached you it is because it was not yours, persevere in the Lord, work on God's work, go through the necessary processes to give value to what God has promised.🙌
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it happened to me, I went to buy one. motorcycle about a year ago and I was stolen, I went to the ground, today I have my motorcycle, listening to this song I was able to understand what the Lord did to me.
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Even parrots sing, because not everyone who says Lord is Lord, many are just artists wanting to win their daily bread.
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when my brother died I don't know why else I spent the whole day listening to this hymn even on the day of his I was listening... this move very comig9
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When my father got sick, he wanted to revolt with God and it was with this music that I understood, that "All things cooperate for the good of those who love him"
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1:3 (JFA) Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear the words of this, and keep the things that are written therein, for the time is at hand!
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At every moment of prayer I hear this one! I feel so much more connected with God! Being vulnerable to Him is what works best for me. Very beautiful!
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How many times do we question God for not getting something, But God is God and there is no other... He is always present. ❤❤❤
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When I saw that it was Livinho singing I immediately went to show it to my mother, she is a believer and always nagged me for liking funk! Oh I wasn't going to stop throwing that in her face hahahaha with all due respect mom hahah
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No eye saw it, heard none heard, no mind imagined what God agreed for those who love him"; 1 COR 9
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Man, this music moves me a lot, me coming back from work, tired, already thinking about resigning, but it was just listening to it that my soul came back with everything!
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