Tune in Together

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Pensar que el tiempo paso y ella nunca volvió

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Rene Leal
The music video for this song is very creative and original, it's like watching a moving work of art #Destiny.
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Matheus Alvarenga
This song blows my mind! The lyrics are super cool and the rhythm makes you move the boat. I've already passed them to all my friends
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already added Ana Gabriel's "Destiny" to your playlist? What do you think of the lyrics and melody of this song? Tell us your opinion in the comments and join the conversation about #AnaGabriel's hits at #Discovery.
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Miguel angel Diaz
I love the voice and how it mixes with the instruments. It's the perfect soundtrack for any party!
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Daniel Avelar
This song is an incredible listening experience.
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Pedro Henrique Baptista
She is very catchy and I love her rhythm. She is perfect for dancing and singing at the top of her lungs!
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José Velasco
It's just a song that makes me feel happy and in love.
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Ernesto Fernández
Its catchy rhythm and lyrics make me sing it all day long. I love its unique and authentic style!
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they are simply exceptional and beautiful melodiessimas.la true ❤️
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Felix Rosales
Destiny makes me feel at a beach party, its rhythm is very catchy and the singer's voice is very good, I love to listen to it while driving.
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