Tune in Together

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Tô sofrendo de amor

Mas dizendo a verdade

E agora que eu sou

Merecedor da tua fidelidade

Mas pra ser a mulher

Mais feliz desse mundo

Basta acreditar

Meu sentimento é profundo

Vai ver, que a razão de viver

Tá focada em você

Meu coração é todo seu

E quando a gente quer

Basta dizer sim

Então volta pra mim

Que eu tô querendo saciar essa vontade louca

Lembro da gente se amando embaixo do chuveiro

Vendo o banheiro inundar

Deixa alagar, deixa alagar, deixa alagar, deixa alagar

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Deixa Alagar

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LuizFernando_1991's avatar
It's time for my favorite pagoda!!! We don't have an adjective to describe how much I love this song, I listen EVERY DAY!!!! #vice
LucasCVieira_'s avatar
When we hear a revelation of a desire to date, right people? Just listening now I want a brunette to kiss #pagodinho
marcos.rodrigues's avatar
Group moving our hearts and making us cheer up too! I love their songs, do you too? #revelation #paid
Lucas_Alves's avatar
I loved the energy of the song and the percussion is amazing! However, I found the lyrics a little and could be more varied
wiltonschumacher's avatar
brings me incredible memories of my adolescence! I love how Grupo Revelação manages to convey a lot of emotion with this lyrics and melody. It's a classic that never gets old!
pauloeduardo_'s avatar
lets Alagar (Ao Vivo) is a song that always makes me want to dance! The rhythm is infectious and the beats are irresistible. I love how the vocals mix with the percussion, creating an infectious atmosphere. It's impossible not to get carried away by the party atmosphere that this song provides!
graydonveunnasack's avatar
this song is too much! The chorus sticks to the head and this dance is too heavy bro! I'll listen until I can't take it anymore #GroupRevelation
mitchellfireston9's avatar
Hearing Let Alagar with friends and someone farted so loudly it even looked like part of the song! We can't stop laughing anymore hahaha
jeramycarmody2's avatar
it is full of feelings, the lyrics talk about flooding with love and joy. The melody is very soft and quiet, it makes me feel at peace. Grupo Revelação's interpretation is wonderful and always moves me.
darenhegie's avatar
I thought It's kind of dull, nothing that really catches my attention. It's not bad, but it's not memorable for me either.
luizaoliveiraaa1996's avatar
my record, Leave Alagar (Live) by Grupo Revelação is pure squeaky! The drumming groove is contagious, it makes you move even your eyebrows! And the vocalist's voice? A rock! I love it! #LeaveAlagar #Revelation Group
AnaLuizaCosta's avatar
Man, I fell out of the chair laughing so hard when the cat came in meowing while I heard this! People thought I was crazy
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which other bands and artists do you hear that sound similar to Grupo Revelação? #Discovering
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