Tune in Together

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O sol pediu a Lua em casamento

Disse que já a amava há muito tempo

Desde a época dos dinossauros

Pterodáctilo tiranossauros

Quando nem existia a bicicleta

Nem o velotrol nem a motocicleta

Mas a lua achou aquilo tão estranho

Uma bola quente que nem toma banho

Imagine só tenha dó

Pois meu coração não pertence a ninguém

Sou a inspiração de todos os casais

Dos grandes poetas aos mais normais

Sai pra lá rapaz

O sol pediu a lua em casamento

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"the sun asked for the moon in marriage and the moon said I don't know give me a break, even hj Saturn keeps their wedding rings"
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I got to know this song through the soap opera Carousel, when it passed, they sang and when I heard the first time I was enchanted and fell in love with the music. I find it very cute to listen to children singing , ha
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"If the moon doesn't want you... don't be sad, you're a handsome guy, and your charisma goes much further! one day you will find someone." - 🌞
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f1 ooiif1
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debinha :)
and the sun...froze his heart.
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but she also didn't accept it because her heart is empty, she is only the inspiration of love poetry, as if she were a cupid
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bro the 4th year reminds me MT this msc we lived singing because we were doing work d am and the moon day the girl went there and took the msc and see t sang loud td day. sdds: (
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this song reminds me of the boy I like kk, he meant I had emotional independence, I even tried to ask him in court but he never gave me a ball. Then I asked for a while to see if this emotional independence goes away, and I didn't talk to him for a while, I was like this. 💔
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if the sun really asked the moon in marriage, if it were two human beings this would be considered pedophilia:D because the sun is more than 2,000 years old than the moon, and because of its size, it would be easily burned by the sun's rays and storms:)
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"the Moon said I don't know because I knew that if I said yes the Sun would explode with joy and if I said no the Sun would give up everything, so Saturn keeps the rings until today"
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Okay, but it's the sun that is the brightest star, that could just destroy everything, that had the to fall in love with the moon and still be rejected.
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I understand both. It's so bad the feeling of feeling alone and the person you like doesn't feel the same anymore! I love this msc and especially the ending where the kids talk...
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did you know that the moon said that i didn't know why if it accepted the sun it would explode with joy and if it didn't accept the sun would it be very sad and stop shining? seriously i'm not!
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"the sun asked for the moon in marriage, and the luuuua said I don't know I don't know! gives me a break" "and the sun froze his heart"
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see, this song hurts me a lot, but I keep listening, because at the same time it's fantastic! the sun asked the moon in marriage... 🎵💃
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I love this song! I love the soundtrack all by carousel!! they should bring the soap opera this year to pass on SBT. I would FIRE if that happened...this soap opera was the most perfect and the chat Man is over.
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The Moon said "I don't know" why the Sun could explode with joy or be sad and lose its light! And even today Saturn has rings 🥺 God is perfect ❤️
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I've been listening to this song since I was a kid, now in my teens it's one of my favorites. Maybe because I identify a little with the moon 🌙. The moon seems to be very insecure about love, maybe someone already made her heart freeze! #passopanopralua
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I used to listen to this song very little in the soap opera carousel, and I even listen to the lyrics until hj, because the little boy says "if the moon doesn't want you... don't be sad, you're a beautiful guy! And your script goes much further! One day you will find someone"
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only I understood that like, the sun had the courage to propose to her in the solar eclipse, and after that he couldn't see her anymore
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