Tune in Together

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You miss me' like I miss you

I stayed up till 5' last night'

Just to say I missed you'

Thank God for free' wi-fi'

And the key to the mini bar'

We fell asleep' on Skype'

I almost missed my flight

You know that' I need ya' I'm out the door'

Hasta la vista' one' two' three' four

No matter where I'm at' no matter where I go'

I'll be singing for you on the radio'

Like ohh-ohh-oh' radi-ohh-ohh-oh'

You could be in Nashville' and I could be in France'

And here's a little something just to make you dance'

Like ohh-ohh-oh' radi-ohh-ohh-oh

Turn me up all' the way'

Pretend I'm right beside you'

Like we're on holiday'

And pounding to Buck Truck'

Yeah I've been everywhere'

I've turned the Mona Lisa'

And nothing' I'm seeing'

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