Tune in Together

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Essa noite eu não durmo mais

Me bateu uma saudade

Vontade de voltar atrás

Resolvi olhar as suas fotos

Saber como você está

Parece até que tem alguém

Fiquei mal por te ver bem

Eu aqui, nessa mesa com o meu celular

Torcendo pra ele descarregar

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Bateria Acabou

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Perfect song, Zé Neto & Cristiano with Marília Mendonça is a masterpiece, they make it look like releasing good music this way is easy, easy... #amooo #sertanejo
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Who has never felt exhausted because of an love. haha Suffering is part of it and falling in love too. #battery over
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Bateriau (Ao Vivo)" features an instrumentation with emphasis on guitar and drums, in addition to a moderate use of keyboards. The lyrics, composed by #MaríliaMendonça and two other authors, address the end of a relationship and the need to forget the other person. The melody follows a slower, more melancholic line, with emphasis on an impactful chorus. #Reviewal
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bro, when i was listening to this song i was so in the moon world that i ended up getting on the wrong bus, it was only when i got my wallet that i saw that it wasn't in my backpack, in the end i ended up taking two buses to go back home kkkk
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TikTok Music Brasil
Marília Mendonça is the only woman to have all the songs from the latest DVD among the most played on streaming platforms. #Curiosity
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zé neto and christian are perfect i love them, i met them through my cousins and agr i'm a total fan❤️❤️
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song would you recommend to someone who loves Marília Mendonça, Zé Neto & Cristiano? #Discovering
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ᎮKN Joao D S A ꚠ🪽
I'm hearing at random but I wanted to choose the old 😢😢 the queen of suffering is making us suffer ➰
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sure it was IPhone kkkkkk
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And God is very wise, only the topis are called to sit beside him and we miss Marília.
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Antonio Carmo
I will miss you
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Amanda Santos
a love for this song 🎶
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Jhonata Rodrigues
my cell phone does not reach the feet of this 10% already downloaded in a long time🥰🥰
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