Tune in Together

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Pegue suas coisas que estão aqui

Nesse apartamento você não entra mais

Olha o que me fez, você foi me trair

Agora arrependido quer voltar atrás

Já deu

Cansei das suas mentiras mal contadas

Cresci, não acredito mais em conto de fada

Não adianta vir com baixaria

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Alô Porteiro

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I can't believe I didn't have the opportunity to go to this Queen's concert... But I listen to the songs every day and it's like she still has here.😍😍🥰🥰
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it may be that she now strengthens the legacy she left... We women have to stop being sluts and follow the same path as grandmothers who were submissive to men... We have our value, we have the strength to say ENOUGH.
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what a song! perfect, sdds eternal Marília, you should have canceled that flight, you should have understood your dream Lila! please come back! Brazil is nothing without you Lila! You know.... You were going to do the show, right? then! I'm sure you're doing great there!
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I will miss Marília very much, I have always identified myself and I loved her songs very much, this woman was a big fan, I will always be a fan!
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the world scares us, and it's not little. every minute we lose someone who means a lot to us. fate is something that NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE... you'll be able to describe or say what it's going to be like from now on.
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I will miss Maria a lot and I believe it won't be just me, her talent was unique and she won a legion of fans with him, eternal queen!!! #sertanejo
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This was one of the first songs I heard from her, and WHAT IS IN? Who can't sing this song people? Kk I love it too much #lovethissong
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TikTok Music
Marília Mendonça was of theal religion and started singing in the church she attended. In her teens, she started performing at her family's bar. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
"Alô Porteiro (Ao Vivo)" has a simple instrumentation, especially on guitar and guitar. The melody is immersive and Marília Mendonça's voice conveys all the emotion of the story. #al Review
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Perfect Song Marília got it right! when I heard this song for the first time, I could never get this song out of my head kkk my mother and I, my grandmother love this song!
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TikTok Music
What are your favorite songs by Marília Mendonça? Could you recommend me other similar songs? #Discovering
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Naty⁸ || 樂-STAR ☆
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what a beautiful music the best of the best he sings super cute unfortunately happened his death and left a beautiful and very beautiful legacy.... att: a Venezuelan passionate about his songs 😉
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Cristiane Wilson
suffering i love 😍💕💕
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eta i wanted to be decided like this 💔😔
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queen of suffering what a pity she died right people
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leeo santos
eternal queen 😭😭👑
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Elivalda Cordeiro
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Lu 🌸 a 🌷 and 💐
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the purest truth, unfortunately there are many unfaithful people
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